Paver Blocks

Enrich your landscaping

Paver blocks is a precast concrete which is manufactured in variant colours, sizes, patterns and shapes adding a glossy finish to the end product. Paver blocks constitutes double layer, top layer and bottom layer which is moulded to an outcome. Paver blocks is being trending due to its pleasant paved appearance and durability. These blocks add definition to areas such as gardens, walkways, parking area, driveways, pathways, pools, ponds etc. with ease of laying and maintaining. Sand aggregate is compacted and the paver blocks are paved over the sand course.

Interlocking Stones

Enrich your pavement

Interlocking concrete pavements or pavers are a special dry mix pre-cast concrete commonly used in exterior landscaping pavements. Interlocking stones are available in different shapes and sizes. Interlocking paving stones are installed over a compacted stone sub-base and a levelling bed of sand. Concrete paving stones can be used for roads, walkways, Patios, Pool decks, Government buildings, Fire Stations, Driveways, Airport, Loading docks, Hospitals, Universities, Museums, Ports, Storage Yards, etc. Standard thicknesses are 60mm (light traffic) and 80mm (heavy traffic).

Designer Tiles

Enrich your walkways

Designer tiles are offered to customers at a wide range with different patters, colours and shapes. Designer tiles also known as exterior tiles is extremely used in Porticos, Walk ways, Swimming pool decks, Parking slots, Landscaping areas, etc. Typical combination of concrete layer and admixtures adds heavy sustainability, durability and a complete pleasant finishing. Designer tiles vary a range of properties with vitrified tiles, designer tiles do not create a slippery surface and withstands heavy loads.

Hollow & Solid Blocks

Build the society

Cement concrete hollow and solid blocks plays an important place in modern building industries. Hollow and solid blocks are cost effective and better alternative to burnt clay bricks by virtue of their good durability, thermal insulation, small dead load and high speed of construction. Concrete blocks being more compatible in size than the clay bricks consume less mortar and achieves faster construction. Also building construction with cement concrete hollow and solid blocks provides facility for concealing electrical conduit, water and sewer pipes wherever so desired and requires less plastering. Hollow and solid blocks ranges with different sizes at consumable cost.